About me

I’m Kristen E. Stuart

Kristen Stuart: Drawing, design, and illustration professional –
by hand and by computer, proficient in both

Kristen Stuart draws by hand or creates by computer
Kristen Stuart works expertly by hand or computer, often from a drawing and then to computer in digital format,: pencils, pens, and up-to-date specialty software.
Kristen Stuart - study sketch for Butterfly Wand paper sculpture

Hi, Kristen here…

DRAWING AND DESIGN: I’ve been drawing for a long, long time, and below I’ve put the story of how I started if you’re interested. But this is a lifelong pursuit, not an amateur revelation, such as, “Oh, I like drawing; maybe I’ll start a business. Hmmm…” Not that. So, if you’ve had experiences with someone like that, say hello to the opposite. What I offer is a ton of experience in design, graphic design, and illustration, put to work for my clients in the areas that they determine that they’d like solid help in. Therefore, with decades of experience and responsive service, many satisfied clients. See samples of graphic design and illustration at those pages, as well as items at Clients and Services. Writing and editing services I use can be found on my other website, Hawkeye Services.


LODESTAR: You may indeed ask, why the name, Lodestar Visions? What does that mean? If unfamiliar, a Lodestar is a star to navigate by, to guide the course of a ship at night, especially the Pole Star or North Star. A lodestar helps you navigate from point A to point B. That is what I help my clients do using design and illustration. That’s the point.

Note: At left, the pencil drawing is a study for the Butterfly Wand paper sculpture shown on the front page in color.

  • Experience, Background, and Credentials include 7 years as Graphic Design Adjunct Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Highly professional, with a long term track record
  • Professional services at reasonable rates
  • Easy to work with, responsive service, as clients attest
  • Proficient with all applicable and up-to-date software, computers
  • Experienced, from the simple to the very complex; large project management
  • Referrals to and project management of established, pro suppliers (sign providers, writers, printers, specialists, etc.)
How Kristen Stuart began in drawing and design

IN THE BEGINNING: “It all started with a #2 pencil…”

“As destiny would have it, I was sitting at my desk in 6th grade, bored out of my mind in history class, when I ventured into sketching out new logos for Buick and Pontiac. This also drove me to create my own personal logo by combining the initials of my name. Thus came the answer to that well worn and familiar question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I loved drawing.

When I was young, nothing was more delightful than when my grandmother, whom I called “Gam”, would come and visit each weekend. She would engage me in playing games with pencil and paper. Meanwhile, these drawing games were fun and had an air of mystery and discovery about them. When the weekend was over she’d return to William-Smith College where she was an Art Instructor.

Decades later, 2 years after Gam had passed away, I was doing an exercise in a Life Drawing class, pencil in hand, when I became aware I had done this same exercise before. To my utter astonishment and near inability to speak, I realized that my grandmother had been teaching me college level drawing exercises when I was 10 years old! I had no idea what she was up to – until that moment.

So, here’s to you, Gam. In your honor, I raise my pencil high! For this, I thank you!”  Kristen

Kristen Stuart: Quality Results
from Process

My goal is to assist each client, uniquely, as no two are the same. Therefore, I listen carefully and apply my skills to help them meet their objectives. It is a method that works…

Highly Experienced Professional: Kristen Stuart

Twenty plus years in the field. Former Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration. Corporate and freelance experience. Subsequently, many satisfied clients, U.S. and International.

Kristen Stuart Awards

Award note from the Webmaster:  Kristen Stuart is a degreed, freelance, graphic designer and illustrator, owing much of her talent and experience to the #2 thing in life… the yellow pencil. In juried exhibitions held at Lakeland Community College, her awards from 1999 through 2001 include: 
1999, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention for Illustration
2000, Best in Show for Graphic Design
2001, Best in Show for Illustration.