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Pro Illustrator and Illustration

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pro illustrator and illustrations
ILLUSTRATIONS: Singer in Stage Light, cardinal paper sculpture, and dog portrait.

“These samples range from sculptures created entirely of paper, to technical illustrations of items for manufacture, to animal portraits
of pets for clients, to sketches that mimic particular styles.”
– – Kristen E. Stuart

Pro illustrator and Illustration of show saddle technical drawing

Illustration: Peterbilt truck paper sculpture

Illustrator and illustration of Peterbilt paper sculpture
Peterbilt paper sculpture
Dressage Bridle technical drawing

How to begin to work together…

First, communicate your vision of what you need and where you want to go.  As a professional, I will help you create, adjust, manage, and maintain the right illustrations, images, and materials necessary to help you get there, in print or electronic forms.* Fresh, unique, original, and creative design and illustration is what I do. This can range from a single illustration for a specific purpose, to multiple illustrations following a particular style. On the more business end of things, creations such as logos and icons to complete collaterals Рbrochures, letterhead, business cards, newsletters, illustrated product/service descriptions, packaging, all the way through to a coordinated identity and image matched, a complete branding throughout. What do you need?

We Create Custom Illustrations
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For a full range of services, also see Graphic Design and samples, plus other items at Client Services. We also offer professional writing and editing at my other site, Hawkeye Services (should open in a new page)