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Link - Lake Erie Pest Control

LAKE ERIE PEST CONTROL: Incredibly good move to have our house sprayed last spring. Amazing. Never used a pest control company before, but results have been outstanding. What I called for was that I couldn’t stop these tiny “sugar ants” in the kitchen, no matter what I did. Real nuisance! Well, Jordan Duhame (of Lake Erie Pest Control) stopped those in short order. We also had shield bugs, Asian beetles, and more spiders than usual. Jordan sprayed the foundation and then the roof line around the whole house. No smell! The expression, “dropping like flies,” applied to all of them. No more spiders and no more yuck all over the siding by the outside lights. And all summer long! Fewer spiders and bugs in the house as well. Now we’re scheduled for spraying, spring and also fall. Thank you, Jordan!
She says she serves Lake, E. Cuyahoga, & Geauga counties, I highly recommend them.
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RAY MCNIECE: Specifically, this is the Cleveland Poet Laureate Ray McNiece’s website, a friend and a client for brochures, programs, book covers, flyers, and many more. Page-to-Stage Productions is his company name. Top notch poet and educator, as well as a band leader playing locally. Poem samples, books, appearances, and more. Check out Ray!
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Jessica Calderwood, artist,, educatior

JESSICA CALDERWOOD: Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a truly unique artist, Jessica fits the bill. You’ve never seen art like she creates. A Clevelander originally and a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, as well as a Masters at Arizona State in metals, her jewelry and pieces are remarkable. Really (you’ll remark on them). Now a Professor of Art in metals at Ball State U. in Muncie, IN, she has exhibited all over the U.S. and around the world, most recently in France at a major international exhibition. Surely, worth a long look. Click the image or here:

HAWKEYE SERVICES: While technically I am now the owner of this company, my husband and collaborator on many projects is the professional copywriter, writer, and producer. So If I get a job to do a brochure, I do the images and most of the design, but the copy, the words, are all his. Words and images. Significantly, we make them work together. Lots of experience, and many awards for clients.
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Hawkeye Services
Adept Pest Solutions


If you’re in the SEATTLE WASHINGTON AREA and need pest control solutions, here’s the guy. John Marshal. Most certainly, a good guy, good person, excellent reputation, and environmentally conscious. “Seattle pest control company provides pest control services to businesses and homeowners in Seattle and Bellevue. Competitive pricing-quick service.”
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